Stairlift Installation in Attleboro, MA

Better Homes installed a Harmar Summit stairlift in Attleboro, MA.  Better Homes also installed an electrical outlet for the stairlift.

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Stairlift installation in Oneonta, NY.

Installed a Harmar Pinnacle stairlift in Oneonta, NY.  Better Homes also installed an outlet next to the stairs for more convenient location to plug in the stairlift.

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Concrete Stairlift Installation

This stair lift was installed on concrete basement stairs.  The view of the picture is from the top of the bilco door.  The stair lift is a Summit model, one of the easiest stair lifts to install and affordable in comparison to some more expensive models.

The stair lift was installed to accommodate being able to close the bilco door.

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Vesta Stair Lift Installation

Stairlift installation in Cairo, NY.  This Vesta model has a rack-and-pinion drive and a sleek design.  This particular model is good for homeowners who have a narrower staircase, giving a few extra inches of space.  It is also very affordable and comfortable to ride.

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Shed Construction in Malta, NY

Build a shed

New Shed

This shed is a shed kit that Better Homes built for a homeowner in Malta, NY.  This shed was built on a permanent foundation and the decking was upgraded to 2×6 construction.  Better Homes can also build custom sheds as well.  For an estimate on building your shed please call 518-708-4433 or visit our gallery on building a shed.

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5 Reasons To Install a Stair Lift

  1. Safety—As people get older it gets tougher and more dangerous for them to go up and down stairs.  We lose our range of motion, dexterity and reflexes as we get older.  A fall down the stairs can be fatal for an elderly person.  Installing a stair lift will make it much safer for an older person to get around the house.
  2. Independence—Older people sometimes don’t like the idea of being fussed over.  Sometimes the most difficult part of aging is losing your independence.  A stair lift gives an older person some of their independence back.  It will allow them to move about their house without needing to rely on constant help.
  3. Cost—It’s less expensive than moving to another house.  Installing a stair lift means an elderly person or couple can now have the piece of mind knowing they can stay in their home.  It’s not easy moving, especially when you’re older and have accumulated a lot of things.
  4. Easy to Install—A stair lift can be installed by a professional within a couple of hours.  They are simple and straight forward to install.  With that said, it is recommended to have a professional do the installation.
  5. Marketability—There is a market for a good used stair lift, so if and when the time comes to remove the stair lift it shouldn’t be too difficult to sell it and recoup some of your money. Plus, because stair lifts can be removed with very little damage to your home, it doesn’t really have an impact on the value of the home or it’s marketability.
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Affordable Stair Lift

The Summit stair lift is very affordable in comparison to other stair lifts on the market.  It is also very easy to install, maintain, and is very durable.

It is recommended that you have a professional do the installation.  Call us at Better Homes for a quote.  We can be reached at 518-708-4433 or visit our website at Better Homes.

Advantages of the Summit stair lift:

Chassis & Drive Train
1. No oil / vent plug in gear – the gearbox is sealed and is filled with grease instead of traditional gear oil. This means no chance of leaking or spillage. The gear is one of the largest in the stairway lift market today. The aluminum casting used in its design allows for lighter weight to go with its maximum performance.

2. Drive system – a belt is used between the motor and gear instead of a direct connection as manufacturers were unable to guarantee the elimination of key noise between a coupled drive system. It also simplifies serviceability.

3. Motor – Through the design of a dual capacitor system, the instant reversing motor (1/3 hp, 110vac) uses only 3 wires and runs at 6 amps at full load. This allows installation in the home without need for a dedicated outlet.

4. Aircraft cable – using 3/16” dia. Cable instead of traditional 1/8” dia. Cable allows for a breaking strength of 4200 lbs. vs. 2000 lbs. The cable wraps on an aluminum cast drum, grooved for each wrap. This eliminates noise and problems caused by stack winding issues. The cable system is direct drive – meaning there are no pulleys and the cable does not move.

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